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CallTracking is a tool which allows you to associate ad channels and your company incoming calls. Calltracking sets a separate phone number for each ad source. When users visit your website, Calltracking detects ad source they came from, and a corresponding phone number is demonstrated. All calls are redirected to your main phone number. interface shows you call statistics and cost per call by each ad source your users come from - it may be Google Adwords, (SEO),, DoubleClick Bid Manager,,,, or any other ad channel you use.

It is also possible to set automated transfer of calls data to Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

and any
other services

e-mail marketing

You will know:

  • Number of calls
    by each ad channel
  • Cost of call
    by each ad channel
  • Number of new
    and returning calls
  • Received/missed
Any type of offline advertising
also allows you
Estimate total number of incoming calls from ads
Count the number of received and missed calls by your operators
Segregate target and non-target calls
Segregate new and returning calls
Check call processing by your sales managers
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How it works

Client chooses advertising channels to count
Separate phone number is set for each advertising channel
Ad-source-oriented phone number change is set on the client`s website
When users visit your website, they see particular phone number depending on the ad source they came from.
The call to this number is registered by Calltracking and transferred to Google Analytics as achievement “Phone call”.
You can see call statistics for each ad channel in or Google Analytics interface.
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